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Dermal Fillers

Renew your confidence by strengthening the supportive structures in your face.

Dermal fillers help bring back a refreshed look by restoring facial volume that gradually goes away with age. They also help accentuate certain areas of the face (e.g. cheeks, jaw) for a more defined look.

  • 1.5mls Russian Lip $998

    40 mins

  • 1ml Russian Lip $639

    40 mins

  • 0.5ml Russian Lip $450

    40 mins

  • Lip Augmentation (Thick Filler) $550

    40 mins

  • Lip Augmentation (Thickest Filler) $600

    40 mins

  • Longer Lasting $1950

    1 hour - Jawline Contouring

  • Jawline Contouring $1647

    1 hour

  • Longer Lasting - Chin $650

    1ml 40mins

  • Chin Augmentation $549

    40 mins

  • Longer Lasting - Cheeks $1200

    40 mins - 2mls

  • Longer Lasting - Cheeks $650

    40 mins - 1ml

  • Cheek Augmentation (2mls) $998

    40 mins

  • Cheek Enhancement (1ml) $549

    40 mins

  • Longer Lasting - Nasolabial Folds $650

    40 mins

  • Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines) $549

    40 mins

  • Longer Lasting - Marionette Lines $650

    40 mins

  • Marionette Lines $549

    40 mins

  • Tear Troughs $1200

    1 Hour

  • Temple Filler $1200

    1 Hour

Note: Please remember that you must have two (2) weeks between your COVID vaccine and any filler appointments.

Antiwrinkle Treatments

Rewind the clock and unleash a youthful glow.

Antiwrinkle treatments smooth away signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. They also work as a preventive measure to delay wrinkle formation before they set in deeply.

  • Three (3) Area Antiwrinkle (Type D) $539

    30 mins

  • Three (3) Area Antiwrinkle (Type B) $869

    30 mins

  • Antiwrinkle Type D varies

    30 mins - e.g frown, forehead, and crow's feet.

  • Lip Flip $115

    15 mins

  • Antiwrinkle Treatment Type B varies

    30 mins - e.g frown, forehead, crow's feet

  • Gummy Smile $115

    15 mins

Note: We highly recommend to book antiwrinkle treatments during the day and refrain booking them during evening time slots.

Fat Dissolving

It’s possible to reduce fat without going under the knife.

Lipolysis is a great way to reduce body fat in targeted areas (e.g. love handles, armpits) or contour your jawline to reduce a double chin. 

  • Fat Dissolving Lipolysis $1050

    30 mins

  • Lipolysis $600

    30 mins

Aqua Gold

There’s a way to tighten, plump, and brighten your skin all at the same time while targeting your personal skin concerns.

This is possible through Aqua Gold’s ability to deliver powerful blend of injectables deep into the skin all at once.

  • Aquagold $649

    30 mins

Jaw Slimming / TMJ/ Teeth Grinding Treatment

You can achieve a slimmer face without surgery.

By injecting muscle relaxants to the jaw, the muscles used for chewing (masseter muscles) may be slimmed down. This also relieves symptoms of TMJ such as jaw pain, poor sleeping habits, headaches, and teeth grinding.

  • Jaw Slimming / Teeth Grinding / TMJ Treatment Type B $799

    30 mins

  • Jaw Slimming / Teeth Grinding / TMJ Treatment $539

    15 mins

Excessive Sweating Treatment

No need to suffer from too much sweating.

In a hyperhydrosis treatment, muscle relaxants are injected into areas like hands, feet, and armpits to lower sweat gland activity and reduce the production of sweat.

  • Hyperhydrosis varies

    40 mins - Hands, Feet, Armpits


True hydration starts from deep within the skin.

With the help of an ultimate injectable moisturiser, collagen and elastin production can be stimulated, giving your skin a healthy glow.

  • Bioremodelling $1098

    40 mins

Under-Eye Rejuvenating Boosters

Go beyond your traditional under-eye creams!

The under-eye rejuvenating boosters reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines, while providing hydration and revitalising the skin around the eyes.

  • Under-Eye Rejuvenating Boosters $580

    40 mins

LED Treatment

Speed up your recovery after treatments!

The LED treatment accelerates your healing process by reducing bruising, swelling, and asymmetry. As a bonus, this treatment also gives anti-ageing benefits and enhances your skin’s natural radiance.

  • LED Treatment $99

    20 mins

Fotona 5D Laser

(only available in Camberwell Clinic)

The Fotona 5D holistically combats facial and neck ageing from the inside out.

It’s a powerhouse laser technology designed to help with various skin problems, both on the surface level and deeper down the skin.

  • Fotona 5D Laser $999

    1 hour

  • Fotona Luxe Rejuv Treatment $999

    1 hour

  • Fox Eye Vector Lift (w/ Laser) $500

    30 mins

  • Fotona Body Sculpting and Tightening (Small Area - 4 Grids) $300

    40 mins

  • Fotona Body Sculpting and Tightening (Large Area - 8 Grids) $550

    1 hour

  • Fotona Fractional Laser Resurfacing $1,000

    1 hour

  • Microneedling - TGA Approved $400

    1 hour

General Services

Your safety should be the top priority. 

Let us help you start your journey to your best self through expert guidance. 

Follow-up Treatments

(10 mins)

This is to ensure that we have achieved your targeted goals and also consult on your aesthetic plans moving forward.


(30 mins)

This includes a full facial consultation to determine the right treatment approach for your aesthetic goals.

Note: If you choose to proceed with a treatment, the $100 will be deducted from the total treatment cost.

Disclaimer: It is essential to be aware that risks and side effects may be associated with a procedure. Every patient’s Luxe journey differs based on their needs and individual assessment. Results may vary.

Cancellation Policy

Due to high demand, we request that you cancel at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. This gives us the opportunity to fill the spot. You may cancel via Instagram or via the link sent to you as confirmation for your appointment. 

Your deposit will be non-refundable if the cancellation was made within 24 hours of your appointment. 

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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