Fotona Luxe Rejuv Laser Treatment Melbourne

Let the glow show.

Meet your next holy grail treatment for glowing skin, a foxy eye look, and plumper lips – the Fotona Luxe Rejuv.

Your skin has gone through enough. It’s time for a transformative laser skin treatment that supercharges collagen to revitalise your overall skin health.

To get your bespoke laser skin treatment plan, you may visit our clinic in Camberwell, Melbourne VIC.

We’ll work with your skin,

The Fotona Luxe Rejuv Laser Treatment, simplified 3 steps:


Start with an in-depth conversation with our dedicated skincare professionals.

Laser treatments can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Share what’s on your mind about your skin, and we’ll whip up the best laser treatment plan for your glass skin journey.


Achieve healthy
skin now and a
natural glow next.

You deserve something that will last for the long run. 

During the laser skin treatment, we’ll be on a mission to ramp up your skin’s natural healing process so we can improve your skin health, refresh your eye area, and plump up those luscious lips.


Receive thoughtful aftercare–because you deserve nothing less.

We know how important this journey is to you.

And so, we’re keeping an eye out just to make sure everything’s tops while you slay the day with that glow – makeup or no makeup!

It’s giving GLOW-GETTER energy!

The Fotona Luxe Rejuv includes a combination of laser treatments that work in synergy with one another to rejuvenate your appearance.

Visit our clinic in Camberwell, Melbourne for an individualised laser skin treatment plan.



The rave is in the REVIEWS, love!

Note: Luxe Rejuv Laser Skin Treatment is only available in our clinic at Camberwell, Melbourne.

Disclaimer: It is essential to be aware that risks and side effects may be associated with a laser skin treatment procedure. Every patient’s Luxe journey differs based on their needs and individual assessment. Results may vary. All photos are taken with the full consent of the patients.

Let’s ANSWER your laser skin treatment questions!

If you’re wondering about how the Fotona Luxe Rejuv laser skin treatment can help you achieve an ethereal glow, check out our guide below.

Results vary for each individual. But generally, patients see results immediately, with the full effect taking place gradually over a period of 2-3 months. 

Multiple sessions are conducted to ensure the treatments fulfill their promise of being a long-term investment.

No. This lunch break procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, utilizing a non-ablative laser. 

This special type of laser penetrates deep into your skin without causing any harm to its surface. This allows patients to resume their normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Patients may feel a slight tingling or warmth during the Fotona Luxe Rejuv laser treatment, but discomfort is minimal. Generally, the procedure is well-tolerated.

The Fotona Luxe Rejuv laser treatment caters to patients who want to enhance their natural glow. It not only boosts radiance but it also works as a preventive measure by slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The treatment also enhances overall skin quality while rejuvenating the under-eye area and plumping the lips.

It offers a versatile solution for patients seeking a natural and radiant transformation without the need for invasive procedures.

Side effects are generally minimal and may include temporary redness or swelling. Adhering to post-treatment care guidelines helps minimise any potential discomfort.

For any concerns, please let us take care of you. You may reach out to us at 0477 441 340 (9 am – 5 pm) or connect with us anytime on Instagram through our 24/7 Chat Support.

For more inquiries about the Fotona Luxe Rejuv laser treatment, you can message us via our 24/7 Instagram Chat Support, our 9 am – 5 pm Phone Support (Mon – Sun)  or visit our clinic in Camberwell, Melbourne VIC.

Embrace a transformative glow
… because healthy skin will never go out of style. 

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