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Kim K Package

– Looking for that Kim look? Booking for this package to get it for a more affordable price! This would include the 1ml of Russian Lip, 2ml of Longer Lasting Cheeks, 1ml of Longer Lasting Chin, and the Longer Lasting Jawline Contouring.

Contour Package

– The contour package aims to achieve a more contoured shape of the cheeks bringing the contour down to the lower face with chin fillers. The Russian lip technique is also included in this package. In total, you get 2 mls of cheek fillers, 1 mls of chin filler, and 1 ml of lip fillers. Regularly priced at $2550, now at $2400!

The Ultimate Glow Up Starter Package

– This package includes 3 areas antiwrinkle package (forehead, frown, and eyebrow lift) & 1ml of Russian Lip Filler. This is the most common startup package for a complete introduction to injectable treatments.”

V-shaped Face Package

– This is the best treatment to achieve a V-shape or an oval face shape which is considered as the most desirable face shape as it creates a feminine and elegant look. It includes 1 ml of cheeks, 1 ml of chin, and the jaw slimming treatment.”

Face Lift Package

– The face lift package includes aims to lift the face by lifting the main foundation of the face which are your cheeks. It also supports the ligaments that weaken over time. This package includes 2 mls of cheek fillers, 2 mls of nasolabial folds, 1 ml of Russian lip technique, and 3 areas of anti wrinkle treatment (type B)”

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