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Lip Fillers in Melbourne

Turn your LIPS into a STUNNING statement

No two lips are exactly the same, even if done by the same cosmetic injector.

Let us help you achieve the lips you desire and empower you with unmatched confidence through an individualised lip filler treatment plan.

If you're looking for lip fillers in Melbourne, count on us to be your dedicated support every step of the way.



Get a bespoke lip filler treatment plan

Let’s work together to create a treatment plan that will give you the lip size and shape that you aspire to have.



Achieve the results you desire

We’ll help you get the lips you’ve always wanted and have you projecting confidence even without saying a word.



Receive thoughtful aftercare

No need to face post-treatment worries alone. Get peace of mind with a 24/7 dedicated aftercare support.

Elevate your confidence with the RUSSIAN LIP TECHNIQUE

Highly skilled in the popular Russian Lip Technique, Luxe Lips can help you in attaining fuller and more precisely contoured lips that looks best with your unique lip shape. 

Full Lips
Heavy Lower Lip
Heavy Upper Lip

Because at the end of the day, every person's journey is unique, and so are your lips.

The Russian Lip Technique helps you avoid the less appealing “duck lips” look, ensuring a more attractive and balanced side profile.

Note: Our clinics are located in Moonee Ponds and Camberwell, Melbourne VIC.

Go from subtle to STUNNING lips


Real Results From REAL People

Disclaimer: It is essential to be aware that risks and side effects may be associated with a lip filler procedure. Every patient’s Luxe journey differs based on their needs and individual assessment. Results may vary. All photos are taken with the full consent of the patients.

Let’s ANSWER your lip filler questions!

If you’re wondering about how lip fillers can help you elevate your look, check out our guide below.

Lip fillers make your lips look fuller and smoother, giving them a youthful appearance. It helps restore and increase lip volume, add shape, and reduce lines on lips.

Russian lip fillers and normal lip fillers are both techniques for making lips look fuller, but they have a slight difference. 

Russian lips focus on making the cupid’s bow more pronounced, giving a lifted, doll-like shape, while normal lip fillers aim for an overall natural enhancement of lip fullness and shape.

Yes, they are. A lip filler is a type of dermal filler specifically for the lips. 

Lip fillers are also known as lip injections and sometimes lip augmentation.

Results from lip filler treatments are instantly visible and will fully settle within two (2) - eight (8) weeks.

This depends on each individual’s metabolism and lifestyle, but usually 1ml of filler will last between three (3) - twelve (12) months.

Our lip filler treatments start at $450.

For more inquiries about lip fillers, you can message us via our 24/7 Instagram Chat Support, our 9 am – 5 pm Phone Support (Mon – Sun)  or visit our clinic in Camberwell or Moonee Ponds, Melbourne VIC.

Achieve that BEAUTIFUL balance and let your lips speak CONFIDENCE.

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