Dermal Filler Journey

A guide to the new beautiful you

Here are 7 steps to help you on
your cosmetic injectables journey:


The reasons:

Consider WHY you want to have a dermal filler treatment – how is it going to benefit you?



Do your research before booking a consultation.


Qualified practitioner:

Finding a qualified practitioner is vital to  ensuring a safe treatment. Ask your practitioner about their qualifications.


In-depth consultation:

Ideally, this should be half an hour, and your practitioner should record your medical history, any known allergies, and discuss any safety concerns associated with treatment.


Clinical assessment:

A good practitioner will undertake a detailed a facial assessment before starting any treatment. They will advise on the best areas to treat and give you an idea of a realistic finishing result. 


Treatment planning:

You should receive a personalized treatment plan to reach your goals, because, after all, no one size fits all. At Luxe Lips, we use a full-face approach, done gradually so that all areas are gently addressed to create a refreshed and natural-looking results.


Aftercare support :

Prior to treatment, ensure you will have access to aftercare support. This allows you a more relaxed treatment journey with your practitioner on hand to address any queries or issues that you may have.

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