What You Need To Know About Fotona 5D

While you can’t stop the signs of ageing from showing up eventually, you’ve got the power to slow them down.

Starting early also means you might not need to take extreme steps later on. You want to set the stage for that long-term glow! This is why skin experts consistently stress the importance of sunscreen application and building a solid, wholesome skincare regimen.

And if you’re really serious about anti-ageing, there’s more you can do than just your basic skincare. That’s where treatments like the Fotona 5D laser come in.

What is the Fotona 5D?

If you’ve ever seen Kim Kardashian’s post about a certain anti-ageing laser treatment, you might have already come across the Fotona 4D. 

Well, the Fotona 5D is just like Fotona 4D – but made better. It’s designed with a special focus towards the aesthetic needs of our clients at Luxe Lips – from treating nasolabial folds (smile lines) to increasing collagen production.

The Fotona 5D Laser Treatment is a non-surgical face lifting procedure that aims to holistically combat facial ageing from the inside out. It’s a powerhouse laser technology designed to help with various skin problems, both on the surface level and deeper down the skin. 

This treatment uses a special laser device to gently heat up the tissues under your skin. This controlled heating encourages your body to produce more collagen which significantly tightens the skin. Since it makes your body’s natural processes kick in, this turns into a lasting investment for you.

What’s amazing is that the Fotona 5D is not only for the face, but it also treats the neck, too. Remember, treating ageing signs on your neck is just as important as taking care of your face. Even if your face looks youthful, an ageing neck will not balance out your overall glow.

How Does the Fotona 5D Work?

From the name itself, the Fotona 5D Laser Treatment consists of five (5) steps to rejuvenate all skin layers.

Step 1: Intraoral Tightening

Initially, your medical professional works on the inside of your mouth, where they can access certain areas that contribute to the overall tightness of your skin. This specifically gives you a more defined jawline and treats marionette lines (a.k.a. puppet lines), and nasolabial folds (a.k.a. smile lines). 

Such areas are tricky to treat because you can only do so much with a filler treatment. Using too much filler can make these areas look puffy. Also, while botulinum toxin relaxes muscles and can help make more collagen, remember that the amount of effect it gives also has its limits. 

And so the Fotona 5D can step in to work hand-in-hand with your filler and anti-wrinkle treatments to further soften these lines and wrinkles. This can lead to a more youthful glow and a renewed sense of confidence.

Step 2: Skin Rejuvenation

The next step is to improve skin tone, texture, and redness. Your medical professional focuses specifically on addressing these deeper skin concerns, aiming to restore a youthful texture and create an even complexion.

Step 3: Deep Skin Tightening 

In this step, your medical professional uses a brushing technique with the laser to gently heat up the deeper layers of your skin slowly and steadily. This process creates an overall tightening effect.

Additionally, this step also involves tightening the neck. Treating the neck is harder because there’s not much support from bones or structures underneath. That’s why it’s smart to slow down an ageing neck early on through a comprehensive laser treatment.

Remember, when you work on your face, start thinking about your neck, too. It’s a tricky area to deal with, especially if it’s not treated early on.

Step 4: Surface-level Skin Tightening

It’s important to focus on tightening both the deeper and surface structures of the skin. If the top skin isn’t elastic and tight, the firmness in the deeper layers won’t show on the outside. 

By tightening the surface of your skin, you can achieve a more glowy and youthful look. 

Like Step 3, this also involves treating the neck.

Step 5: Light Peel

This final step resurfaces the top layer of the skin by replacing old cells with new ones. This adds the final touch to your treatment, giving you that extra special glow.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Results vary from each individual. But generally, patients see results immediately, with the full effect taking place gradually over a period of 2-3 months.

Is There Downtime After The Procedure?

No. This procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, utilizing a non-ablative laser. This special type of laser penetrates deep into your skin without causing any harm to its surface. This allows patients to resume their normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Taking you to your best look and beyond | Fotona 5D

With over 20,000+ treatments performed and over 15 years of experience, Luxe Lips is equipped to provide you with a treatment that takes you to your best look and beyond.

We understand your struggle in finding a cosmetic injectables clinic that you can trust. Let us help you experience a safe, individualised, and holistic treatment approach to achieve your desired look that empowers you through every win in life.

Got questions or urgent concerns? Send us a message via our 24/7 chat support on Instagram. Our team will be happy to assist you!

What to expect from your Luxe Journey:

1. Undergo a full facial assessment.

2. Get an individualised treatment plan.

3. Welcome the best version of yourself!

Disclaimer: It is essential to be aware that risks and side effects may be associated with a procedure. Every patient’s Luxe journey differs based on their needs and individual assessment. Results may vary.

For further inquiries, follow Luxe Lips at the following social media platforms:

📱Instagram: @luxelips.au

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