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Make your loved ones happy this holiday season through cosmetic injectable

The day has been long and hot – the weather turned hot and humid. As soon as you step outside, your senses are bombarded by a cacophony of sounds: children caroling, sweet voices of warm greetings. Your eyes squint as the sun starts to kiss your forehead – beating down on your skin and slowly touching it. 

And you are reminded that the most wonderful time of the year has arrived in Australia – Christmas season! You started to hear (frequently) Christmas songs in every corner of the street just like the famous song, 12 Days of Christmas, and it reminds you that it’s the season of giving!

So you flip through your catalog and look for the best gift guide you can have for your loved ones this holiday season. And, voila, you found cosmetic injectable treatment! You also realized that during the holidays, skin is prone to sun damage (especially if your calendar is filled with events and family gatherings). 

You consider  cosmetic treatments because they are one of the most effective ways to enhance beauty and bring out natural good looks. It is safe, and in a way, the results are almost always instant.

But the thing is, being specific (different personas for gifting) with your gifts can be a little hassle for you. If you want to give them the best gift they could ever have, here are the some of the common personas and the best gifts you can give:

  1. The Hard-to-Shop for

It’s always a problem when there are a few people in your life who are stumped when it comes to knowing what they want to receive during this time of the year. 

Here’s a simple key to a successful gift-giving experience: it’s to find a way to help your loved ones enjoy something they wouldn’t normally splurge on for themselves. And getting them a cosmetic injectable treatment is one! Plus, it will make them look their best during the holidays. 

Here is your list for some cosmetic injectables:

Botox for wrinkles – It works by relaxing muscles in your face, which helps prevent wrinkles from forming. This cosmetic treatment will help you look younger without having to undergo a surgery. It reduces the more pronounced frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, and deeper facial lines. 

Lip fillers for more defined lips – It improves, adds volume to your lips, and makes it more softer and hydrated. It improves the shape and proportion of your lips – making them more youthful looking. 

Anti-wrinkle treatment to smooth out wrinkles – It helps smooth out fine lines in the forehead and around the eyes. Your loved ones don’t want to look older than they feel — so anti-wrinkle treatment should be at the top of your list.

  1. The Girlboss

This is ideal for hardworking mothers who keep hustling 24/7 or for single ladies who are always putting in long hours at the office and coming home with unfinished office tasks.

These women deserve to take a pause and remind themselves that they are gorgeous girls that can hustle so hard as well as put in effort also to make them look and feel beautiful. 

With all the available treatments on the market today, it’s not impossible to look like Kim Kardashian. Yes, you read it right. You can give them the best package treatment, and achieve that Kim K look!

Kim K package includes:

  • 1 mL of Russian lip filler
  • 2 mL of longer lasting cheeks
  • 1 mL of longer chin, and
  • Longer lasting jawline contouring

With just one package treatment, you can have it all in one setting. You can have lip fillers, cheek fillers, chin fillers, and jaw slimming. These separate treatments are advised by professional medical aestheticians to improve face features. 

Contour Package

This package treatment aims to achieve a more contoured shape of the cheeks bringing it down to the lower face using chin fillers. 

Contour package includes:

  • 2 mL of cheek fillers
  • 1 mL of chin fillers
  • 1 mL of lip fillers
  • 1 mL of Russian Lip Filler

Face contouring is a new way to help your facial features look more defined. But this package gives you more of this—it defines your cheeks, jawline, and adds dimension to your face. 

Russian Lip Technique

If you want to give them the most attractive smile during the holidays, a Russian lip is best for them! The Russian Lip Technique plumps up the lips, and make them fuller. It heightens the lips rather than adding excessive plumpness. 

The Russian Lip Technique is a very specific and unique technique that creates a little pyramid in your lips to create structure, increase the height, and improve the overall shape and volume of your lips. 

It is injected parallel to your lips to create a smooth, even, flat, and level appearance while avoiding protrusion on the side profile. The Russian Lip Technique helps them get that glow!

  1. The Glow-Getter

Just like many people, many of your loved ones want to get that glowing, ever fresher look! These types of people are the ones who want to develop a deeper form of self-love and want to connect themselves in the most beautiful way. 

They are newbies to the self-care world and want to headstart their Luxe journey. Here are some ideas for you:

Ultimate Glow Up Starter Package – It targets the three common anti-wrinkle areas, which are the forehead, frown, and eyebrow. 

This package includes: 

  • Forehead anti-wrinkle
  • Frown anti-wrinkle
  • Eyebrow lift
  • 1 mL of Russian Lip Filler

Cheek Fillers – It reduces your smile lines, marionette lines, and even treats the tear troughs, which are the depressions that sit below your eyes. Cheek fillers also accentuate your jawline to a certain extent, giving you that more rejuvenated and defined look. 

Your face will appear more defined but never swollen because it will create angles and gentle curves. Fortunately, enhancing the shape and definition of your cheeks is fairly simple in the right hands.

  1. The Fab Parent

Your parents deserve so much more in this world. With all their hard work and undying love, they deserve to receive a reward. 

This reward should be full of love, self-indulgence, and a sense of gratitude. You can give them gifts that would make them feel more inspired and empowered amidst the fact that they’re beautifully ageing.

Make them the happiest this time of the year! Here are some of the best ideas for you:

Chin FillersDermal filler injections can be used to lengthen your chin and project your chin forward, creating a more feminine and masculine look. In the right hands, they can adjust the contours and angles of your chin to achieve the desired structure and shape that will best suit your face.

A combination of Botox injections and dermal fillers is ideal for those who have a strong submental crease—a horizontal crease underneath your lower lip and above your chin.

Face Lift Package Treatment – It helps in lifting the main foundation of the face, which are your cheeks. 

This package includes:

  • 2 mL of cheek fillers
  • 2 mL of nasolabial folds
  • 1 mL of Russian Lip Technique
  • 3 areas of anti-wrinkle treatment
  1. The Gym-Junkie

Gym-junkies are those who work out frequently. They are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their appearance and maintain their physique. You know that it’s easy to get caught up in the gym culture. Perhaps your loved one is always hitting weights, running treadmills, and doing crunches. 

But sometimes, they forget that a good workout regimen means more than just getting in shape; it also means looking good. 

So here are the best cosmetic injectables for your gym-junkie loved one:

Cheek Augmentation – It enhances the appearance of the cheeks by adding volume to the cheek area. It also improves facial contours and gives you a more youthful appearance.

Face Lift Package Treatment – It helps in lifting the main foundation of the face, which are your cheeks. 

This package includes:

  • 2 mL of cheek fillers
  • 2 mL of nasolabial folds
  • 1 mL of Russian Lip Technique
  • 3 areas of anti-wrinkle treatment

Nasolabial Folds – Nasolabial folds are the creases that run from outer corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth. These become more prominent when you are too exposed to the sun, beautifully ageing, and sometimes the result of our frequent facial expressions. 

The good thing is, there are many available cosmetic treatments that help with nasolabial folds:

Botox – Botox injections can help reduce the appearance of deep vertical lines between your eyebrows and areas around your eyes. Botox also helps reduce the fat pad size in your cheeks, giving them a more defined shape.

Restylane Fillers  Restylane fillers can plump and smooth out wrinkles around the mouth and chin area and fill out shallow or hollow spaces in the cheeks. Restylane will help give your face a more defined appearance.

Dermal fillers –  add volume to lips or cheeks, heavy eyelids, and contour jawlines. It improves the appearance of your facial lines: frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. 

Cosmetic Injectable Near Me

If you’re one of the many people who have little to no knowledge about what to best give their loved ones this holiday season, Luxe Lips is here to help.

You can check our website to see our offered services and also see more of our Luxe Packages that are best for this holiday season!

Remember, the best gift you can give someone is something that will ignite their inner selves to do more and feel better. 



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