Melbourne Cup | Best Day to Pamper Yourself

What is Melbourne Cup?

The Melbourne Cup is a Thoroughbred horse race run annually on the first Tuesday in November at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia. 

It is one of the world’s richest handicap races, and the largest and richest Thoroughbred horse race in Australia. 

The Melbourne Cup has a long and rich history dating back to 1861 when it was first held at Flemington Racecourse then a newly-opened venue for racing. 

In 1861, the Melbourne Cup was won by Archer who carried 10 stone 8 pounds (63 kilograms) and won by three lengths from Lord Cardigan. Archer went on to win an additional five races before his life was tragically cut short by an accident during a race in 1866.

History of Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup was first held in 1861 and has become an important part of Australian culture. It’s known as “the race that stops a nation”, because it marks the end of summer, when many people leave the big cities to go back to their country homes.

The race attracts huge crowds of people from all over Australia, who come to see the best horses race against each other for money and glory.

The Melbourne Cup has been held every year since 1861 except in 1942 during World War II, when it was cancelled due to fuel rationing restrictions.

It’s the most glamorous day of the racing calendar, and with all of the parties, champagne and hats, it’s hard to know what to do and where to go.

Things You Should do During Melbourne Cup

Here are 5 things you should do during Melbourne cup:

Get your tips in early – It’s hard to find a bookie who will take bets on Melbourne cup. If you want to get your bets in early, make sure you have an account with a bookmaker that offers online betting. 

The best way to get a head start is by logging on before breakfast and placing your bet.

Get dressed up – You don’t have to wear a suit or dress at the races, but it does help if you’re wearing something smart and comfortable. 

Make sure that whatever shoe choice you make isn’t going to cause blisters or other discomfort when you’re standing around for hours on end.

Book a table at a fancy restaurant – There are some great restaurants around Flemington racecourse that offer table service throughout the day. 

Take photos – Don’t forget your camera! There are lots of opportunities for photos at the races including photo opportunities with celebrities.

Other Things You Should Do 

The Melbourne Cup is the best time of the year to book an appointment for some beauty treatments. 

Cosmetic injectables are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and leave you looking more youthful. They can be used to plump and hydrate lips, fill out wrinkles and add volume and definition to your cheeks.

It’s easier to get an appointment with your doctor or specialist. Injectable treatments are becoming increasingly popular among Australians. That’s why doctors, clinics and spas are busy at this time of year. 

The demand for these procedures rises every year as more people become aware of how easy it is to improve their looks with a few simple injections. 

It’s why you’ll often find yourself waiting weeks or even months for an appointment if you don’t book early enough.

The best way to avoid long waiting lists is to book in advance. You can do this by contacting your clinic or doctor directly or visit websites and click book now.

Melbourne Cup events are not only celebrated for being a popular horse race, but also an important time to book appointments of cosmetic injectables , which are especially popular around this time of the year.

With the Melbourne Cup in full swing, it’s a great time to book in for cosmetic injectable treatments from a medical aesthetic nurse. 

So whether you’ve planned your wellness break around the big race or are a local who wants to pamper themselves with a medical aesthetic treatment from Luxe Lips Specialists. 



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