Maila “MAI” Morantte


As the founder of Luxe Lips, Mai believes in the power of merging beauty with science. And this shows in her extraordinary journey.

With 15 years of steadfast commitment to nursing, our founder’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Beginning her academic pursuit at the Philippine Science High School, she consistently held a spot on the Dean’s List. She achieved her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2008, graduating as the Class Valedictorian with a grade point equivalent to Magna Cum Laude. Her commitment to excellence became evident when she secured the 9th position among 80,000 aspirants in the 2008 National Nursing Licensure Exams.

Her thirst for knowledge led her to Massey University, New Zealand, where she attained a postgraduate certificate in Neonatal Intensive Care and a Master of  Nursing. With vast clinical experience in Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) across the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia, her roles have been diverse. They span from being a NICU clinical nurse specialist to taking on pivotal roles like a flight/transport nurse with the paediatric retrieval (PIPER) team in Victoria, NICU Associate Nurse Unit Manager at the Royal Children’s Hospital, and was trained as a NICU Nurse Practitioner candidate at Monash Children’s Hospital.

Uniting her passion for beauty, art, and science, she transitioned into cosmetic nursing – a decision she cherishes to this day. At the heart of our establishment lies her dedication to excellence, patient care, and a love for the artistry in her craft whilst guiding her clients through every step of their journey until they reach their most confident and beautiful selves.

Before and After Gallery

Disclaimer: It is essential to be aware that risks and side effects may be associated with a procedure. Every patient’s Luxe journey differs based on their needs and individual assessment. Results may vary. All photos are taken with the full consent of the patients.

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