Dermal Fillers and Botox: How To Improve My Face Shape Without Surgery?

Face shape is one of the most important considerations when choosing the proper cosmetic treatment. Still, there are also many ways that you can change your face shape using non-surgical treatments.

There are six basic face shapes: round, square, heart-shaped, oval, and triangle. Each has unique characteristics that help you decide what kind of treatment is necessary to give your face a more defined look. The shape of your face can change as you age, so knowing your face shape now will help you determine how to enhance it as time goes by.

What Face Shape Do I Have?

Oval Face Shape. The oval face shape is considered ideal because it is the most balanced and symmetrical face shape. The length of your oval face is about equal to its width, with no sharp angles or chins. You have a well-defined jawline and forehead.

Round Face Shape. Round faces have full cheeks and small chins, making them look younger than their years. They don’t always look their age, though, because round faces tend to have high foreheads, making them look younger for longer than other shapes (but more about that later). A round face looks best when paired with soft heart-shaped lips (or at least a more extensive smile than usual), which will balance out the roundness of your cheeks.

Square Face Shape. A square face shape has wide cheekbones and a narrow chin that ends at a point at the bottom edge of the face. To soften this look, opt for wispy bangs and hair above your shoulders to draw attention away from sharp angles on your forehead or cheeks. If you want to enhance them instead, go with full bangs (or even a fringe) that extends far past your brow line, so it covers up any.

Heart Face Shape. A heart-shaped face has prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin that tapers at the bottom (this differs from an oval-shaped face in that an oval-shaped face is longer from front to back, whereas a heart-shaped face is narrower from side to side). This shape works best with styles that add Volume around the cheek area, such as bobs or wavy hairstyles.

Triangle Face Shape. The triangle-shaped face is wider at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline and the cheeks are usually high and round, creating a chubby appearance. The chin is often pointed.

Why Oval an Ideal Face Shape?

Ovals are considered the most attractive of all face shapes because they create a narrow chin, full lips, wide cheekbones, and high forehead. However, an oval face can be challenging to balance because if you have too much Volume in one area, it throws off the symmetry of the face. Research also suggests that heart and triangle face shapes are most attractive for females. 

Can I Change My Face Shape Without Surgery?

The first step to treating any face shape is determining its essential characteristics — this will help you decide which treatment is best for you. If you have an oval-shaped face, you may consider injecting dermal fillers back into your cheeks or adding definition to your jawline. 

Treatments for Face Shapes

According to research, nearly half of the population has a round-faced shape. The problem with wound face shape is that it has no angles, which means it tends to be heavy and less defined, making it harder for people with round faces to achieve a balanced look.

The best cosmetic injectables for a round face shape are:

Botox- Botox injections can help reduce the appearance of deep vertical lines between your eyebrows and areas around your eyes. Botox also helps reduce the fat pad size in your cheeks, giving them a more defined shape.

Restylane Fillers– Restylane fillers can plump and smooth out wrinkles around the mouth and chin area and fill out shallow or hollow spaces in the cheeks. Restylane will help give your face a more defined appearance.

The Luxe Lips Clinic in Melbourne helps treat the problem and offers the best treatment for your face shape. The V-shaped Package Treatment.

For a square-faced shape, the best treatment is to soften the jawline and add volume. The result will be a more balanced face shape that looks good in photographs and real life. The following treatments are most effective for this type of face:

1. Add Volume to the Jawline

2. Correct Overhanging Cheekbones

3. Correct Nasolabial Folds (Nose to Chin Wrinkles)

4. Contour the Face with Fillers

If you’re ready to discover how we can give that face a more defined look, Luxe Lips in Melbourne offers a wide range of treatments for our face shape, including injectables such as Botox, Juvederm, and Radiesse. Our cosmetic treatment plan will be tailored specifically around your needs and goals so you can achieve your desired look in the most natural way possible!

For more information, you can follow Luxe Lips on Instagram and sign up to receive newsletters and updates from Luxe Lips. Be the power you want to have.



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