Lauren is a certified Dermal Clinician and an active member of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC). Holding a Bachelor of Applied Health Science

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Upon completing her nursing degree, Charlotte began her nursing career at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Specialising in the cardiac and renal ward, she has worked

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Maricar completed her nursing degree in March 2007, marking the beginning of her medical journey. She initially gained experience in Adult Medical/Surgical care for eight

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As the founder of Luxe Lips, Mai believes in the power of merging beauty with science. And this shows in her extraordinary journey. With 15

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Kristabelle, a registered nurse with a Bachelor’s degree earned in 2006, brings over 15 years of invaluable experience spanning medical, surgical, obstetrics, and critical care

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After getting her degree in nursing, Isabella embarked on a dynamic medical career. Her initial role was as a surgical nurse at the Epworth Hospital,

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With over 16 years of nursing experience, Ella excels as Luxe Lips’ manager. She graduated Cum Laude from a prestigious university in the Philippines, marking

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With over a decade of dedicated nursing experience, Anj has gone through a diverse range of critical care experience. Her nursing journey began in the

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