Luxe Care Packages


Unveil your most empowered version. Our Kim K. package offers the ultimate combination of dermal fillers, Russian lip fillers, and jawline contouring for a radiant transformation that elevates your presence. This package is individually tailored to lift the foundation of your face while enhancing key features such as your lips, chin, and jawline.

1ml of Russian Lip Filler

2ml of Longer Lasting Cheeks

1ml of chin filler

Longer Lasting Jawline Contouring

1 hour, 30 minutes


Ultimate Glow Package (Type B and Type D)

Look your best at any age, any day. The Ultimate Glow Package is designed to prevent wrinkles and restore smooth, healthy skin by replenishing collagen and hydration. The treatment focuses on three key areas (forehead, frown, and around the eyes with an option to add an eyebrow lift) to achieve a natural facial expression. Safe and effective, the Ultimate Glow is a beginner-friendly package, providing a complete introduction to injectable treatments.

Forehead anti wrinkle

Frown anti wrinkle

Eyebrow lift

1 ml of Russian Lip Filler

40 minutes

(Type D $1,160) and (Type B $1,398)


Celebrate the woman in you with our V-Shape Package (Type B). Designed to bring out the femininity of your face, this package combines dermal fillers with a jaw slimming treatment to sculpt the highly desirable and elegant look of a V-shaped profile. Our Type B package specifically treats a stronger masseter.

1 ml of cheeks filler

1 ml of chin filler

Jaw slimming treatment (a.k.a. Teeth-grinding or TMJ treatment)

1 hour



Highlight your feminine side with our V-Shape Package (Type D). Combining dermal fillers and a jaw slimming treatment, this package contours your cheeks to reflect light while elongating your chin and defining your jawline. The outcome is a naturally graceful, slim, and attractive V-shaped face.

1 ml of cheeks filler

1 ml of chin filler

Jaw slimming treatment (a.k.a. Teeth-grinding or TMJ treatment)

1 hour



Definition can make all the difference. Make the best of your natural features and maintain an age-defying appearance with our Contour Package. This package aims for the ‘triangle of youth’ with longer-lasting dermal fillers, refining your proportions and side profile from cheek to chin. The treatment will be topped off with a naturally plump, heart-shaped pout (Russian lip fillers).

2mls of longer-lasting cheeks fillers

1ml of longer-lasting chin filler

1ml of Russian lip filler

1 hour and 30 minutes



Ready for your best glow-up? Our Facelift package treats you to total rejuvenation in one session without the downtime of surgery. Focused on lifting the foundation of your face, the Facelift Package restores youthful contours and minimises unwanted lines and wrinkles that come with age, so you can look as young as you feel.

2mls of cheek fillers

2mls of nasolabial folds fillers

1ml of Russian lip filler

3 areas of anti-wrinkle treatments (Type B)

1 hour, 30 minutes


You Deserve Real Results


Kim K Package


Kim K Package


V Shaped Face Package


Kim K Package


Ultimate Glow Up Starter Package


Kim K Package
(Progressive Treatment)


V Shaped Face Package

Facelift BeforeFacelift After

Face Lift Package

What clients say about Luxe Treatments

Roxanna Mendez

Google Reviews

I have had my jawline contoured, chin, jaw slimming and lips done all here at luxe lips specialist with lovely nurse Mai. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! She is amazing and has an eye for detail. So overwhelmed with my new face, loving the results can’t get enough

Prab Sandhu

Google Reviews

Got my RLT lip fillers done at South Yarra by the lovely Isabella. Loved everything about the experience, amazing results, gave me great shape and volume absolutely loving my new lips, looking forward to getting more treatments done from these lovelies soon x

Sarah Oakley

Google Reviews

I’ve been going to Luxe Lips since the start of 2020. The team are all wonderful and the new clinic in South Yarra is stunning and always very clean. The nurses are all highly skilled and will explain every step of the way and what to expect during and after the procedure. I’ve been to Mai, Ella and Isabella in the past and have never had a bad experience


Ellie Garnham

Google Reviews

Isabella……. I can’t thank you enough.

I wanted to treat myself and so I booked the Kim k package. Isabella is very very talented and will go the extra mile to make sure you walk out looking and feeling incredible. She’s taken 10 years off me. I was nervous because I swelled super bad, but if you are patient and just ride it out, within 2 weeks, you’ll look incredible. I can’t wait for a top up!! Thank you Isabella xxx


Christine Trajkoska

Google Reviews

I had an amazing experience with you guys. I will recommend you to all my friends and family who are looking to get anything done. It being my first time doing anything to my face I was very nervous coming in but immediately that feeling went away after being greeted/meeting the lovely staff. Anj did such a good job I am so so happy with the way it turned out, she did a very good job at explaining the process and making me feel comfortable. I can’t recommend Luxe Lips Specialists enough, from the customer service to the quality of work, if I could rate more than 5 stars I would!


Stephanie Rodriguez

Google Reviews

Adore the girls here! Never made me feel like just another client. They are so accommodating & available 24/7! Easy to talk to, they listen & beautifully presented clinics. Absolutely worth spending your money here! Results speak for themselves.


Anna V

Google Reviews

This place was amazing, lovely nurses and the ladies at reception make you feel comfortable and at ease. The clinic was also very clean and very pretty. Both nurses I have worked with have been amazing at what they do and they listened to what I wanted. I will definitely be back!


Dallas Costello

Google Reviews

Been twice and always had a great experience, really informative and so patient with myself as I had to take my 4 month old baby twice over two months and he was a bit of a handful and had a couple meltdowns, But nobody made me feel embarrassed or guilty. Really understanding vibe! Highly recommend it. Especially after having a baby it’s nice to feel fresh and confident again.

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