Jaw Contouring, Fillers, and You

A strong, chiselled jawline may be commonly associated with masculinity. Still, a defined chin and a jawline that can cut diamonds can be a point of beauty and attractiveness for both men and women.

All sorts of things affect the shape of your jaw and chin, including your genes, weight loss or gain, and even ageing. These factors can bring about less desirable features like a weak-looking jawline, sagging jowls, and wrinkles. These can be fixed and managed through jaw contouring techniques that address problem areas with non-invasive solutions.

At Luxe Lips Specialists, we’re here to help you find which of our services is suited to your needs. But how do you know if jaw contouring is right for you? Let’s break it down together. 

What is jaw contouring?

This procedure focuses on addressing and correcting issues associated with the lower face. Sagging jowls and excess fat pockets are common issues we are asked to deal with. We use a variety of treatments to contour the lower face, with many nonsurgical solutions that are ready to meet individual clients’ needs.

What can be done?

Injectable fillers are used to improve the volume of the jawline and chin and erase some fine lines and wrinkles in the area. 

Injectable wrinkle relaxers, like the popular Botox, are used to contour the jaw temporarily. This helps improve the appearance of the jaw and chin by adding definition and balance, especially in the case of weak or soft-looking jawlines caused by age or genetics. 

Another common procedure we have is fat reduction. The fat under the chin is removed to create a better neck silhouette and a robust and sharp jawline.

How long do they last?

After being applied, the results of jaw fillers are immediately visible, though results may vary from person to person.

Our hyaluronic acid filler may last up to two years. Another form of filler, which uses calcium hydroxylapatite, may hold strong for around fifteen months. Your jaw contouring fillers can be maintained by moisturising your skin regularly, keeping your skin hydrated, lessening stress, having a healthy and balanced diet, and using sunscreen whenever you go outside. 

By keeping on top of maintenance and attending follow-up appointments, your jaw fillers will keep looking their best.

What is included in the procedure?

Jaw contouring procedures may include shaping your jawline and bringing back balance and symmetry to your profile. We also focus on adjusting the balance of your chin, neck, and jaw and creating more of a distinction between your neck and jaw by removing excess fat. This eliminates double chins and tightens the sagging skin after the procedure.

We can also make subtle adjustments to the shape of your jawline itself, making it slimmer or broader and more chiselled as needed. All in all, taking the time to set an appointment to contour and improve your jaw and chin and leave you with an overall more youthful look at the end of the day. 

What should I expect after the procedure?

There will be some minor and manageable side effects as with every cosmetic procedure. 

When it comes to treatments that include Botox and fillers, you can expect to experience swelling, bruising, soreness, itchiness, and asymmetry around the affected areas. This is completely normal and temporary, and once the swelling goes down, you should be able to see a jaw-dropping “after” compared to your “before.”

Results are usually visible — strikingly so — within two weeks after your treatment. Then these results can last up to two years, depending on the procedure done. 

Even if you’re not in the market for a jaw contour right now, you can always schedule an appointment with us. Our skilled beauty specialists can analyse your issues and find the perfect solution to address them that will leave you satisfied and looking as wonderful as you feel! 



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